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PixelView Play TV USB Ultra DVD

"PixelView PlayTV USB Ultra" a worldwide reception TV tuner with FM radio and a real time digital video recorder.
Turn your laptop or desktop into a LCD TV.

"PixelView PlayTV USB Ultra" has adopted high-speed USB 2.0 Plug-and-play interface and fully compatible for both Desktop and Laptop. Many features are aimed to cater to consumers' enjoyments when using VentiTV to enjoy worldwide analog TV (PAL/SECAM.NTSC) and FM radio (Option) broadcasting programs with worldwide TV stereo sound support.

Product Description

Full TV function CATV/VHF/UHF; Full - channel AutoScan Function

Support Composite video (RCA) and Svideo Input connector. Audio Capture & A/V Sync. Function

High resolution: NTSC 720x480; 30 frames per second. Capture and Record Format (ex: AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4).

Capture Bit Stream via USB 2.0/ USB1.1. Bandwidth Adaptive Automatically Control.

Time - shifting / Pause; Professional Snap Shot Function; Saturation/Contrast/Hue/Brightness Adjustment.

TV/Video Scheduled Recording Function.

I/R remote control

Product specification:

Worldwide analog TV receptions.
FM Radio

Worldwide Stereo sound
Real time recording Video

Audio (L/R) In
Video In (composite)

S-Video In
Remote Control

Low Power consumption


PC Interface : USB 2.0 (best performance)

CPU : Intel P3 1.7GHz (watch TV only); P4 2.4 GHz (watch and record TV) or AMD Athlon 2.0GHz

RAM : 256MB

Sound Card : AC

Hard Drive 250MB (for install and program work); 4.7GB for recording or other function)

DirectX : DirectX 9.0 or above

OS : Windows 2000/XP

Analog TV antenna.

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