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PixelView Play TV USB SBTVD Full Seg (HDTV for Brazil)

Play TV USB SBTVD Full Seg allows you to watch high quality HDTV ( High Definition TV channels in Brazil ) programs and display video on your NB or PC. You will never miss any exciting sport games or live news.

Price: $ 40.00


Product Description

Input TV 75ohm

Fully SBTVD Compliant

Input Signal level (channel power) 0dBm to -75dBm

Tuner Input frequency range: 54MHZ - 806 MHz

Channel Bandwidth: 6 MHz

IF frequency: 44MHz

Product specification:

Advanced TV Application: Watch Digital SBTVD (High Definition TV channels in Brazil) TV on PC, NB
Instantly playback or fast-forward live programs at any time you like.

Video/Audio Input

Closed Caption: Enjoy your favorable TV Show with words
Digital Personal Video Recording upto 30 frames/sec, and play them back in full original digital quality.

Time-shifting to pause the live TV, never lose the best plays you want to watch.
Video/Audio Recording with composite input for other video sources, such as VHS/Camcorder, Video Camera

Schedule TV recording, and save it directly into your hard disk
Supports upto 1920x1080i (HDTV)

USB 2.0 Compatible


Microsoft Windows XP/Vista

Intel Core 2 Duo

512MB RAM up ou acima, 1GB HD space de Espaco Livre em Disco

VGA card with 64MB minimum

USB 2.0 Compatible

Microsoft DirectX 9.0 up

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2013-12-11Antonio Please make available the drive for windows 8 device PlayTV USB SBTVD. Traded My NoteBook and I can use the device anymore.
2013-12-05JLO Windows 8 64 drivers please! |not supported|
2013-10-08Henrique Is the Win8 64bit driver already available? If not, when are You planning to launch it?
2013-10-05Fabio M. I would like to use my "PixelView Play TV USB SBTVD Full Seg (HDTV for Brazil)" with my new Notebook Windows 8 64 bit. There is a drive to do that? TKS.
2013-09-20Fbio Place drive for Windows 8 please. Thanks!
2013-08-11Omar No driver for win 8 yet? You should stop producing and selling this one if you have no intention to support.
2013-08-08edvaldo I need drive for Windows 8
2013-08-08Francisco Como consigo os drives para o meu PixelView SBTVD Hybrid para o Windows 8. Obsquio me auxiliar. Obrigado.
2013-06-29Erik I NEED to driver for Windows 8!!!!!!!
2013-06-20Edson Could you please, send-me a Presto PVR serial number to install the software ?
2013-06-18Eduardo Where can I download drivers for Windows XP? Thank you.
2013-05-22Paulo Iankoski Please, send me Windows 8 driver for this device!
2013-05-22TIago BG Where are the drivers for Windows 8?!
2013-05-10Arud How I make work the driver for windows 8?
2013-04-28Helton Windows 8 x64 does not recognize drivers.
2013-04-24Frank I need drivers for Windows 8 64 bits. Ps: This device works fine only in Windows XP.
2013-04-23Nelson I need Windows 8 Driver
2013-04-23nscarneiro Please, is this the right product for using with Linux and VLC in Brazil?
2013-04-01Nivaldo Melo I need driver to windows vista 32 bits
2013-03-30Itrio I need a driver D231 (RN) for windows 7 64 bit. There is the driver?
2013-03-23Maicon Como consigo os driver para windows 7 ultimate 64bits? Porqu a fabricante não disponibiliza estes driver?
2013-03-21Mark I need driver to windows 8 64 bits
2013-03-17hans were is the windows 8 drivers? the cat eated
2013-03-12CARLOS WE NEED THE DRIVERS TO WINDOWS 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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