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UPC code: 782515051608
PixelView Xcapture

First invented desktop capture Card, which is based on Conexant CX23881 chipset with high quality 10 bits A/D resolution technology. Perfect user-friendly MPEG II software integrated.

Product Description

Chipset: Conexant CX23880

A/D Resolution: 10 bits

Video Input: S-Video, Composite

Video Resolution: 720x480

Video Capture rate: 30 frames/second

Video Format: MPEG 2&1,AVI,JPG,BMP

Audio Support Input and Output

Hardware Interface: PCI low profile

Power Supply: 3.3V/1.8V

Product specification:

Video A/Ds
10 bit

Video Size

Power Supply

Dimension 123x54x 18m


PII-233 MHz WMV : P3-700 MHz

or PII-500 MHz WMV : P4-1G MHz

Memory: 64MB (better 256MB)

HDD: 5400rpm 4GB (better 7200rpm 40GB)

Graphic card: 1.Support DirectDraw overlay

2.Support 800*600 high color or Support 1024*768 full color

CD-ROM: For software installation

sound card

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