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UPC code: 782515803122
Prolink 54M Wireless USB Adapter 2.4GHz

Prolink Multifunctional Broadband USB 54M wireless Adapter

Price: $ 10.00


Product Description

compatible with IEEE 802.11b (11M) and IEEE 802.11g (54M)

Detail manuals in English and Portuguese.

Product specification:

Complies with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b standards

Support WPA data security, IEEE802.1x authentication, TKIP/AES encryption, 64/128/152 bit WEP encryption.

Supports 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6 Mbps or 11/5.5/2/1 Mbps wireless LAN data transfer rates


supporting Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/XP64

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