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Model No: TV-USB-2.0     Item # TV-USB-2.0

PixelView PlayTV USB 2.0 is a portable TV-Tuner box which enable your PC / Notebook to capture, record, edit TV programs or Video from devices, such as DVD, VCD, VCR, Video Camcorder, TV Game box and so on. It offers a cost effective solution to enhance the captured video quality via interface of High-Speed USB 2.0. It makes your PC/ Notebook become an advanced digital video recorder.



Full TV function CATV/VHF/UHF
Full-channel Auto-Scan Function
Support Composite video (RCA) and S-video Input connector.
Audio Capture & A/V Sync. Function.
High resolution: NTSC 720x480 at 30fps or PAL 720x576 at 25fps
30 frames per second.
Capture Bit Stream via USB 2.0/ USB1.1.
Saturation/Contrast/Hue/Brightness Adjustment.
Blue Screen Protection Function. (If no signal input)
Bandwidth Adaptive Automatically Control.
Capture and Record as Standard Format (ex: AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4).
Time-shifting / Pause
Professional Snap Shot Function
Electric Program Guide (EPG).
TV/Video Scheduled Recording Function.
I/R remote control
Mini USB TV Box for Your NoteBook/PC
MPEG Encoder guarantees the highest quality encoding, yet remains the easiest to use program. It is the best tool for converting and compressing AVI, DV-AVI, DivX & MPEG-4 files to MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats, especially VCD, SVCD and DVD.


Easy to install
This mini size USB TV Box allows you to bring it anywhere with you along with your Notebook. Simply plug it in the USB port and you can watch TV and capture image anywhere you go!
Allows you to pause live TV or Video shows, while you are interrupted by a phone ring or anything else. Start the show again, and it will replay the show instantly.
Scheduled Recording
Allows you to pre-set schedule to record any of your favorite TV shows or video shows. You can record video into MPEG I/II files as a DVD/DV/SVCD/VCD format as well.
PC Interface : USB 2.0/1.1
TV Input : 75 ohm RF terminal
Video Input : S-Video / RCA
Audio Input : RCA Audio-L / Audio-R
DC Adapter : DC 12V, 0.5A
System Requirement
PC Interface :
USB (Suggest USB 2.0)
CPU : Up to Pentium III 500Hz (Suggest Pentium4 1.2GHz)
RAM : 128MB
Sound Card : Up to 16bits
VGA Card : 16MB with SVGA resolution
DirectX : DirectX 8.0 or above
OS : Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP

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